Recent Fundraising & Awards

February 1, 2024

Recent Grant from Legacy Foundation

LEGACY FOUNDATION: 2022 – Pink Ribbon Society received a $12,500.00 grant from the Legacy Foundation. $6,000.00 was also received from the Legacy Women’s Philanthropy Fund and an Anonymous Fund ($6,500.00) to support the Pink Ribbon’s Patient Financial Assistance Expansion Program.

This grant also allowed Pink Ribbon to increase its underwriting of mammograms, ultrasounds, and other breast screenings that are needed in our community. Our breast care program is designed to serve the uninsured, underinsured, or those who don’t have the means to pay for these lifesaving tests.

Due in part to COVID, our community is experiencing a backlog in the performance of breast screenings. Also, due to COVID, others have lost their jobs, coverage, and benefits, no longer qualifying under insurance plans for annual assessments.

We want to extend our sincere gratitude to the Legacy Women’s PhilanthWomen’snd and the Anonymous Fund for their generosity. These funds will make a difference in our community as we receive more than the usual amount of requests for support.

Thank you.

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Awarded Two Golden Community Awards


2022 – The Golden Community Award is being presented to Rhonda McColly-Fleener from McColly Charities and McColly Real Estate for their ongoing support of Pink Ribbon Society and the many men and women we serve in Lake, Porter, Jasper, and Newton Counties in Northwest Indiana.

During one of our spring fundraisers, McColly Charities generously provided $ 5,000 in matching funds bringing our campaign total to over $ 10,000. In addition, they were a major sponsor for our Annual Breast Cancer Luncheon, donating over $ 10,000 in-kind contributions to our annual event.

We sincerely appreciate McColly Charities and McColly Real Estate for recognizing the importance of providing services and programs to those in our community whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

Pictured are, left to right, Ann Peters, Founder/President of Pink Ribbon Society, Rhonda McColly-Fleener, McColly Charities, and Kathie Dinga, Pink Ribbon fundraising committee member.

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November 2023 – The Golden Community Award was presented to Merrillville’s Southlake Nissan/Kia co-owner Greg Chip for the dealership’s support of the men and women in our community whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

Southlake started this charity event four years ago to give back to the community.  This event  also hits close to home. His wife, Tina will celebrate 30 years as a breast cancer survivor.  Since its inception, they have donated over $60,000 to Pink Ribbon Society to supports those battling Breast Cancer.

Each dealership contributes money to Pink Ribbon Society for every vehicle sold during Breast the month of October.

We sincerely appreciate Southlake’s support of our organization and the people we serve in Lake, Porter, Jasper, and Newton Counties in Northwest Indiana.


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Strack’s Check Out Challenge Was Amazing – November 2023

We want to Extend a genuine and sincere Thank You and appreciation to Jeff Strack, Dave Wilkinson, and the excellent Stracks team that operated the registers and, of course, the many customers who “rounded up” at the register to benefit our organization and those we serve.

To date, Pink Ribbon has received $ 265,183 from this fantastic program. The money received from the Check Out Challenge has been instrumental in our organizations, our community, and the programs we provide.


Strack's Fundraiser


JOHN W ANDERSON FOUNDATION: January 2024  Pink Ribbon Society has received a $5,000 grant from the John W. Anderson Foundation. The funds have been earmarked to expand the PRS Patient Financial Assistance Program, which provides prepaid gift cards that can be used for groceries, medication, childcare, transportation, and many other services for those in treatment following a breast cancer diagnosis.

It is not uncommon for a patient in treatment to be unable to work, jeopardizing their household income. The prepaid gift cards help to offset some of the lost revenue.

With the presence of COVID and the loss of jobs and benefits, there has been an increase in requests for those needing financial assistance.

The importance of grants is significant to Pink Ribbon. They are a valuable resource for  our organization, allowing us to achieve our goals and missions and help those in our community who reach out to us for support.

We want to thank John W. Anderson for acknowledging our programs and services.