Pink Pockets Program

Pink Pockets Distribution Program

Supporting Comfort and Recovery for Mastectomy Patients

Pink Ribbon Society offers our Pink Pockets program to several local hospitals. When a breast cancer patient leaves the hospital following a mastectomy, she is sent home with surgical drains to catch the fluid from the surgical site. The drains may I for as many a 10 days. Pink Pockets is an adhesive pocket that is secured to the inside of a patient’s blouse or shirt to hold the drain bottles in place so they do not interfere with normal activities. If you are scheduled for breast surgery, check with your hospital’s nurse navigator to see if they have Pink Pockets in their department. If not, have them give us a call and we will deliver a supply to them.

Program Overview

Distribution Initiative: Pink Ribbon Society partners with hospitals to provide Pink Pockets to mastectomy patients.

Enhancing Patient Experience: Offering a practical solution to help patients manage drain bottles and facilitate everyday activities.

  • Sustaining Distribution: Pink Ribbon Society remains committed to providing Pink Pockets to mastectomy patients through ongoing partnerships with healthcare facilities.
  • Expanding Reach: Exploring opportunities to extend Pink Pockets distribution to additional hospitals and medical centers to reach more patients in need.

Pink Pockets Functionality

Adhesive Design: Pink Pockets adhere to the inside of clothing, such as blouses, shirts, or pajamas, securely holding drain bottles in place.

Convenience: Patients can easily empty and reattach drain bottles without interference with their daily routines.

Areas We Serve

We service clients residing in Lake, Porter, Newton and Jasper Counties in Indiana.

Hospital Partnerships

Collaboration with Healthcare Facilities: Pink Pockets have been distributed to Community Hospital, St. Catherine’s Hospital, and St. Mary’s Hospital.

Supporting Patient Care: Hospitals share Pink Pockets with mastectomy patients to enhance their comfort and recovery experience.

Patient Comfort and Convenience

Ease of Use: Pink Pockets offer a practical solution for patients to manage drain bottles discreetly and comfortably.

Promoting Mobility: Allowing patients to move freely and engage in daily activities without disruption from drain management.

Program Impact

Positive Feedback: Patients benefit from the practicality and comfort provided by Pink Pockets during their recovery period.

Enhancing Recovery Experience: Contributing to improved comfort, mobility, and overall well-being for mastectomy patients.

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