Pink Compression Sleeve Program

Pink Compression Sleeve Program
Compression Sleeve Reimbursement Program

Supporting Patients with Lymphedema

The development of lymphedema can occur following a mastectomy or lumpectomy when lymph nodes are removed. This can result in the need of a compression sleeve and or glove to help alleviate the swelling. Our compression Sleeve Program is similar to our Wig Reimbursement Program. We will underwrite the cost of a patient’s first compression sleeve up to $100.00 just requiring a copy of the patients prescription and a paid receipt for reimbursement.

Program Overview

Reimbursement Initiative: Pink Ribbon Society offers reimbursement for the cost of compression sleeves to eligible patients.

Financial Support: Reimbursing up to $75 for the patient's first compression sleeve purchase.

Importance of Compression Sleeves

Role in Managing Lymphedema: Compression sleeves help reduce swelling and discomfort in the affected arm(s) following mastectomy.

Medical Fitting: Importance of purchasing sleeves from reputable fitters or medical supply companies to ensure proper fit and effectiveness.

Areas We Serve

We service clients residing in Lake, Porter, Newton and Jasper Counties in Indiana.

Insurance Coverage Challenges

Limited Coverage: Most insurance plans do not cover the cost of compression sleeves, creating financial barriers for patients.

Patient Responsibility: Patients may need to cover the expenses out-of-pocket, making reimbursement programs like Pink Ribbon's invaluable.

Selection and Fitting Process

Customized Solutions: Physicians determine the most suitable compression sleeve based on individual patient needs.

Professional Fitting: Importance of receiving measurements and guidance from trained professionals for optimal sleeve selection and fit.

Documentation Requirements

Prescription and Receipt: Patients need to provide an Rx from their doctor and a receipt indicating the purchase of the compression sleeve.

Reimbursement Process: Once documentation is submitted, Pink Ribbon will reimburse eligible patients up to $75 for their first compression sleeve.

Patient Support

Navigating the Process: Assisting patients in understanding the reimbursement process and gathering necessary documentation.

Financial Relief: Providing financial support to alleviate the burden of purchasing compression sleeves for managing lymphedema.

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