Indiana Women In Need (I.W.I.N.)

Indiana Women In Need (IWN) – Patient Services
Supporting Women in Treatment

Pink Ribbon Society's Partnership with Indiana Women In Need

We recognize the financial challenges faced by individuals undergoing breast cancer treatment. We aim to collaborate with Indiana Women In Need to provide prepaid vouchers for essential expenses.

For further information please visits I.W.I.N.s website:

Program Overview

Prepaid Vouchers: Offering support for groceries, transportation, childcare, landscaping, snow removal, and more to women in treatment for breast cancer.

Qualification Process: Eligible recipients receive various prepaid services based on support applications through I.W.I.N. Foundation.

  • How to Apply: Information on applying for support through the I.W.I.N. Foundation.
  • Qualification Criteria: Details on eligibility requirements and the support application process

Financial Assistance

Addressing Financial Loss: Supporting women who experience financial hardship during their treatment journey.

Scope of Support: Providing assistance for essential expenses to alleviate financial burden and stress.

Partnership Benefits

Collaborative Efforts: Pink Ribbon Society's partnership with I.W.I.N. Foundation extends support to women in Lake, Porter, Jasper, and Newton Counties.

Combined Impact: Leveraging resources and expertise to offer comprehensive assistance to women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

Areas We Serve

We service clients residing in Lake, Porter, Newton and Jasper Counties in Indiana.

Program Contributions

Donation History: Pink Ribbon Society has contributed over $85,000.00 to support women in the community following their breast cancer diagnosis.

Direct Impact: Illustrating the tangible impact of donations in providing financial assistance to those in need.

I.W.I.N. Foundation Services

Range of Support: I.W.I.N. Foundation offers various prepaid services to qualifying recipients, addressing diverse needs during treatment.

Accessibility: Women in Lake, Porter, Jasper, and Newton Counties can access support through the foundation's services.

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