Bundles Of Hope

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Bundles of Hope Program

Providing Comfort and Support to Breast Cancer Patients

The Pink Ribbon Society initiated the Bundles of Hope Program in March of 2010. We aim to offer support and comfort to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients undergoing treatment at local oncology offices.

Our Bundles of Hope Program is intended to provide a sense of comfort for those embarking on their first treatment. The reusable bag contains a warm-soft blanket, a handmade heart shaped pillow made by our local GFWC Chapter, a coloring for Hope coloring book and pencils, a puzzle book and other reading materials, and a squeeze stress ball. The pillow can be placed under the arm to relieve some of the pressure felt following your surgery. Coloring has been proven to provide a distraction during recovery. Studies have shown activities, such as coloring, can have a positive effect on recovery from any kind of trauma. It is shown to induce relaxation and can provide calming to alleviate stress, fear and anxiety.

Program Overview

Pink Fabric Bags: Patients receive a pink fabric bag containing essential items to support them during treatment.

Contents: Includes a fleece blanket, heart-shaped pillow, and Coloring For Hope coloring book and pencils.

Comfort Items

Fleece Blanket: Provided to help keep patients warm during treatment sessions, addressing common concerns of becoming chilled.

Heart-Shaped Pillow: Handmade with love by the GFWC St. John Women’s Club, offering comfort and pain relief when placed under the patient's arms.

Community Support

Volunteer Contributions: The GFWC St. John Women’s Club has generously provided 200 hand-sewn pillows to support breast cancer patients.

Partnerships: Collaboration with the Crown Point Community Foundation and nwiPrintPro for underwriting and printing the Coloring For Hope coloring books.

Areas We Serve

We service clients residing in Lake, Porter, Newton, and Jasper Counties in Indiana.

Coloring For Hope Initiative

Stress Relief and Healing: The Coloring For Hope coloring book and pencils are included in the bags to provide patients with a therapeutic activity during treatment.

Beneficial Effects: Coloring has been shown to be a great stress reliever and can contribute to healing and well-being.

Program Expansion

New Additions: Introducing the Coloring For Hope coloring book and pencils as a new item in the bags this year.

Enhanced Support: Continuously seeking ways to improve and expand the Bundles of Hope Program to better meet the needs of breast cancer patients.

Cost and Availability

Affordable Pricing: The Coloring For Hope coloring book and pencils are available through Pink Ribbon for just $6.00.

Accessibility: Ensuring that essential comfort items and therapeutic resources are accessible to all breast cancer patients in the community.

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