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Ann Peters

Founder And President Of Pink Ribbon Society

Ann Peters, Founder and President of the Pink Ribbon Society, established the organization in 2001. Her personal journey with breast cancer inspired her to create a support network for others affected by the disease. She felt that she could connect with the experiences many others were about to have from diagnosis to survivorship.



Journey Through Breast Cancer

At the time of founding the Pink Ribbon Society, Ann Peters was a 26-year breast cancer survivor. Her experience with diagnosis, chemotherapy, and breast reconstruction gave her insight into the challenges and uncertainties faced by those battling cancer. Today, Ann is a 47 year survivor, has two grown children and their spouses, four grandchildren and about to become a first time Great Grandmother.  She feels that her journey to being a survivor is due to early detection.

Family and Inspiration

Ann, married and with two young children at the time of her diagnosis, faced the possibility of not seeing her children grow up. However, her journey with cancer strengthened her faith and gratitude. Today, Ann enjoys a fulfilling family life with her husband of almos 57 years, two children, and four grandchildren, and soon to be a Great Grandmother, serving as a testament to life after breast cancer.

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Vision of Support

A Pledge to Heal and Enlighten

Motivated by her own experience, Ann envisioned a support system for others affected by breast cancer. She dedicated herself to creating the Pink Ribbon Society to provide aid, resources, and community for individuals and families touched by the disease.

Commitment to Community

Under Ann's leadership, the Pink Ribbon Society serves men and women in Lake, Porter, Jasper, and Newton Counties in Northwest Indiana. The organization prioritizes keeping funds local to support individuals and local breast cancer initiatives directly.

Impact and Contributions

Since its inception, the Pink Ribbon Society has raised over $600,000 to support various cancer-related projects and organizations. These funds have been instrumental in underwriting initiatives such as the wig reimbursement program, Indiana Women In Need support, and educational programs.

Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon

For more information about Ann Peters and the Pink Ribbon Society, please contact our offices at 219-472-0704.

A Message From Our Founder

As we begin this new decade, we look back at the Pink Ribbon Society's fantastic results in the last 19 years. We are honored to have helped so many men and women in our community.

Through the generosity of our community, we continue to support the men and women in Lake, Porter, Jasper, and Newton Counties in Northwest Indiana whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

Since its inception, Pink Ribbon has disbursed over $750,000 to support individuals and other organizations in our community who share our passion for helping those who need our assistance.

Analysis of the breast cancer rates shows that a new woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every two minutes in the US. We want to do our share to decrease this number. To do so, we first and foremost focus on relating the importance of early detection. Early detection increases the probability of surviving this dreaded disease. When breast cancer is detected early and is in the localized stage, the 5-year relative survival rate is 99-100%.

To date, Pink Ribbon has underwritten nearly $ 120,000 for screening and diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds to ensure early detection of breast cancer, most specifically to the uninsured, underinsured, or those who don't have donations with which to pay for these lifesaving tests.

Of course, overall survival rates vary by breast cancer stage. Overall survival rates are averages and vary depending on a person's condition and treatment.

Beyond early detection, several of our programs support individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. Additional programs include our Wig Reimbursement Program, Bundles of Hope, Pink Compression Sleeve Program, Pink Pockets, and Patient Assistance Program.

According to today's statistics, breast cancer alone accounts for 30% of female cancers. The odds have not changed for the possibility of being diagnosed with breast cancer…Still, 1 in 8 women in the United States will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. On the flip side of this, 3,000,000 million women are living with breast cancer in the US, most of whom are already in or seeking treatment.

Pink Ribbon will continue to support the community in whatever way we can that will help increase the probability of early detection and support those individuals whose lives have been touched by breast cancer. We look forward to continuing to work with our community and supporters.

Sincerely, Ann M. Peters, Founder
Pink Ribbon Society

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