Meet Ms. October 2018: Freda Riddle

October 1, 2018

“The compassion, concern, and interest shown by family and friends should be paid forward.”

Freda Riddle was born and raised in Hobart, Indiana. She attended Taylor University and earned a degree in education. After teaching locally for several years, Freda joined a mission organization and decided to teach in Africa. With the exception of an occasional home visit, she spent the next 20 years in Africa, being both a teacher and dorm mother in Ethiopia and an upper-grade teacher in Nigeria.

Several years after returning home, Freda received her diagnosis and then plotted the course she would undertake. She was determined to keep her eyes on God and maintain a positive mental attitude. Her confidence in God and her surgeon carried through her cancer journey.

Freda is an active member of Liberty Bible Church in Chesterton, Indiana, and is involved with the Hobart Community Foundation and the Maria Reiner Center.

In the words of her friends, “She is a person who is compassionate and always ready to help others. She has a terrific sense of humor and is of deep faith.” In her own words, she advises people to “have a good attitude, laugh, and let God make the decisions.”

Freda Riddle is an 18-year breast cancer survivor proudly co-nominated by her friends Mary Jo Hopkins and Marjorie Gresser.