Meet Ms. March 2018: Karen Beezhold

March 1, 2018

“It’s hard to imagine going through this without faith, family and friends.”

Karen Beezhold and her husband Rudy reside in Hobart, Indiana. They have been married for 38 years and have two children, Nicole and Christian, and two grandchildren, Kaitlyn and Henry.

Through her work as the Administrative Manager for the First Christian Reformed Church, Karen comes into contact with many families “touched by this disease” and is grateful for the opportunity to comfort and console others. Throughout her treatment, she never missed a day of work and faced her diagnosis with fear, grace, and strength. People often tell her she has inspired them, but Karen feels it is the opposite, saying that “people inspired me through their prayers and love.”

Karen and two of her sisters have all been diagnosed with breast cancer in various stages. They are all survivors and serve as inspiration for each other. Karen’s advice to others regarding breast cancer is that “you can have peace in your journey through faith,” and she feels “sometimes God gives us these challenges in life so we can have a heart for others who are challenged with the same.” She is “hoping to continue working through it all and to fight like a girl!”

Her motto now is “Every day is Christmas!”

Karen Beezhold is a three year survivor who was proudly nominated by her sister, Patricia DeBoer.