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Our Story

A Journey of Courage, Community, and Compassion

From Personal Battle to Beacon of Hope

In the warmth of our beginnings, Ann Peters turned her fight into our mission. This tale isn’t just about the founding of the Pink Ribbon Society; it’s about lighting a torch of hope and solidarity in the face of breast cancer, a torch that continues to glow brightly in our hearts.

Expanding Our Reach, Touching More Lives

Our journey has seen us grow from a ripple into a wave of support across Northwest Indiana. Each chapter of our story is marked by the lives we’ve touched, reflecting a legacy of love, resilience, and community that defines who we are.


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Our Mission

A Pledge to Heal and Enlighten

Our mission is a testament to the power of community and compassion in the face of breast cancer. It’s about providing essential support, fostering hope, and promoting healing through targeted initiatives that address the immediate and long-term needs of those affected. Here are six key areas where our mission comes to life:

  • Comprehensive Support and Education: Ensuring individuals facing breast cancer have access to the necessary resources and knowledge to navigate their journey, from diagnosis through recovery.
  • Mammogram and Ultrasound Funding: Partnering with healthcare providers to offer funded testing for screening/diagnostic mammograms, ultrasounds, CTs, and MRIs.
  • Wig Reimbursement Program: Offering financial support for those undergoing treatment that results in hair loss, helping to maintain their dignity and self-esteem.
  • Pink Pockets Program: Providing post-surgery support with special garments designed to ease recovery, emphasizing comfort and care in the healing process.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness Tea: Hosting annual events that not only raise funds but also build community awareness and solidarity, celebrating survivors and honoring memories.
  • Pink Compression Sleeve Program: Supporting lymphedema management with compression sleeves, addressing a common post-mastectomy concern and promoting better recovery outcomes.

Patient Financial Assistance Program

Pink Ribbon underwrites the cost of prepaid vouchers that can be used to purchase groceries, transportation, medical supplies, etc. for those who are in treatment for breast cancer. Application for funds can be made at www.IWINfoundation.org.


Patients Assistanted
Providing financial assistance for over 400 patients at a cost of $131,2250.
Our Story

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Your participation enriches our community fabric, making every moment count for those facing breast cancer. Join us to make a tangible difference.

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