2020 Breast Cancer Survivors’ Calendar

January 1, 2020

We select 12 individuals for our Breast Cancer Survivors’ Calendar each year. The selections are made from nominations sent in by our community. You can nominate an individual (mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, co-worker) you think would be a great role model for those more recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Honorees are recognized at the luncheon as warriors and survivors. The calendars are sold at the luncheon for $10 each or by calling our offices at 219 472 0704 after the luncheon.

For many years, the Times Media Company has underwritten the production and print cost of the calendars as part of its ongoing media sponsorship. Edda Taylor Photography from Crown Point has provided her expertise in photography to portray the honorees in their very best light.

Those above are our 2020 calendar honorees: Top left to right, Ms. October Dora Walker, Ms. June Robin Curtis, Ms. December Tina Pavlo, Ms. April Angela Hernandez, Ms. February Lori Equihua, and Ms. March Constance Wilkins. Bottom row left to right is Ms. November, Jan Wasieleski, Ms. July Beverly Armenta, Ms. August Tracy Clark, Ms. May Nona Bandy, Ms. January Joanne Holiday, and Ms. September Nancy Fleener.