Meet Misses February 2018: Melinda Rosaschi & Mary Crane

Misses February 2018: Melinda Rosaschi & Mary Crane“If you discover anything suspicious, get a medical evaluation as soon as possible…” and “If I can make it through chemotherapy, so can you…”

Melinda Rosaschi and Mary Crane share a special relationship. They are mother and daughter. Mary has been married for 67 years to her husband Russell, and they have three children, Terri, Melinda and Allison and four grandchildren, Kris, Melissa, Melanie and Keith.

Melinda and her husband John reside in Schererville, IN and have two daughters, Melissa and Melanie, and five grandchildren, Faith, Aaron, Brooklyn, Daniel and Drew – who are Mary’s great-grandchildren!

Both Melinda and Mary have been dedicated to helping others. Mary spent her working years preparing meals for the students at Highland High School, and Melinda is a pre-and post-surgical nurse at Community Hospital in Munster, IN.
All throughout their respective cancer journeys, they have remained active and positive. Mary provided on-going child care for family members whenever needed, never letting her situation bring her down emotionally or physically and Melinda worked almost full-time helping her surgical patients when they needed care.

Melinda feels her greatest accomplishment since her diagnosis has been to provide positive encouragement and education to those who are newly diagnosed and Mary takes pride in being the family matriarch and a positive role model to others.

Melinda Rosaschi is a 3 year breast cancer survivor. Mary Crane is a 15 year breast cancer survivor. Both are proudly nominated by Melinda’s daughter (and Mary’s granddaughter) Melissa Mikolajczyk.