Paint The Town Pink

Pink Ribbon Society would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the City of Whiting for their ongoing support of our organization and the many men and women we serve in Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton Counties in NW Indiana.

Beginning in 2017, they’ve dedicated their Paint-The-Town-Pink fundraising efforts to support breast cancer.  To date, we have received $59,465. This year alone, we received $13,106. Funds are used by Pink Ribbon to provide programming and services to promote early detection of breast cancer as well as supporting those whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

As usual, Paint The Town Pink will be held during of May again this year, supporting Pink Ribbon with proceeds from the many events held during the month of May.

Keep an eye on the Paint The Town Pink Facebook page for more details on dates and events.
See you in Whiting!
Karen Holmes, Officer Edwin Trinidad, Mayor Steve Spebar, Ann Peters, Alexa Cano and Norb Dudzik

2022 Breast Cancer Survivors’ Calendar

We are very proud to introduce the 2021 Pink Ribbon Society Breast Cancer Survivor Calendar Honorees.

Due to the pandemic, with supporters concentrating on more important things, we did not receive enough nominations for a new calendar (we’ll save the ones we got for consideration for 2022.)

So we decided to share the inspiration of former calendar honorees who continue to survive and thrive following the diagnosis of breast cancer.
The calendars are now on sale in the Pink Ribbon office at 303 E. 89th Street, Suite 100, Merrillville, IN for just $ 10.00 each.


Welcome to the 2022 Pink Ribbon Society Honorees who are presented in our Breast Cancer Survivor’s Calendar.

We want to extend our appreciation to the ladies who have shared their experience as breast cancer survivors….they are truly warriors and amazing examples of being a true warrior.

Our special thanks to The Times Media Company and Edda Taylor Photographie for making this year’s calendar.

Ms. January – Margaret Clark

Ms. February – Mary Ann Hoogeveen

Ms. March – Becky Strotman

Ms. April – Sharon Bailey

Ms. May – Teresa Cruz

Ms. June – Megan Summers

Ms. July – Laura Mysak Wolfe

Ms. August – Tonya Anderson

Ms. September – Grace Hughes

Ms. October – Jeanette Jennings

Ms. November – Teresa Gesiakowski

Ms. December – Charlet Rosta

Recent Fundraising & Awards

Recent Grant from Legacy Foundation

LEGACY FOUNDATION: Pink Ribbon Society is the recipient of a grant from the Legacy Foundation in the amount of $ 12,500.00. $6,000.00 was received from the Legacy Women’s Philanthropy Fund and an Anonymous Fund ($6,500.00) to support the Pink Ribbon’s Patient Financial Assistance Expansion Program.


This grant will allow Pink Ribbon to increase underwriting mammograms and/or ultrasounds and other breast screenings that are needed in our community. Our breast care program is designed to serve those who are uninsured, underinsured or who simply don’t have the means for which to pay for these lifesaving tests. 


Due in part to COVID, our community is experiencing a backlog in the performance of breast screenings. Also due to COVID, others have lost their jobs, coverage and/or job benefits, no longer qualifying under insurance plans for annual assessments. 


This funding will provide additional revenue needed to help cover the costs for those no longer covered under other plans.


We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the Legacy Women’s Philanthropy Fund and the Anonymous Fund for their generosity. These funds will make a difference in our community as we receive more than the usual amount of requests for support.


Thank you.

Legacy Foundation Logo







Awarded Two Golden Community Awards



The Golden Community Award is being presented to Rhonda McColly-Fleener, recognizing McColly Charities ongoing support of Pink Ribbon Society and the many men and women we service in Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton Counties in Northwest Indiana.


McColly Charities generously provided $ 5,000 in matching funds earlier this year during one of our spring fundraisers, bringing our campaign total to over $ 10,000. In addition, they were a major sponsor for our Annual Breast Cancer Luncheon donating over $ 10,000 in-kind contributions for our annual event.


We sincerely appreciate McColly Charities and McColly Real Estate for recognizing the importance of providing services and programs to those in our community whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.


Pictured are left to right, Ann Peters, Founder/President Pink Ribbon Society, Rhonda Mc

Colly-Fleener, McColly Charities and Kathie Dinga, Pink Ribbon fundraising committee member.

Golden Community Award Winner












The Golden Community Award was presented to Southlake Nissan/Kia co-owner Greg Chip for the dealership’s ongoing support of the men and women in our community whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.


In 2019, Southlake began raising funds each year during the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month) and to date have donated over $ 26,000 to Pink Ribbon Society. 


We sincerely appreciate Southlake’s support of our organization and those we serve in Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton Counties in Northwest Indiana.


Shown below (l to r) are Pink Ribbon Founder/President Ann Peters, Southlake Nissan/Kia co-owner Greg Chip and Pink Ribbon Secretary/Treasurer Maura Rowley.

Golden Community Award Winner















Strack’s Check Out Challenge Was Amazing

We’d like to extend a genuine and sincere Thank You and appreciation to Jeff Strack, Dave Wilkinson, and the awesome Stracks team that manned the registers and of course, the many customers who “rounded up” at the register to benefit our organization and those we serve.


To date, Pink Ribbon has received $ 265,183 from this amazing program. The monies received from the Check Out Challenge have been instrumental to our organizations, our community and the programs we provide.


Shown below are Fatima Shabaz, Ann Peters, Rhonda McColly-Fleener, Dave Wilkinson (President Strack & Van Til), Maura Rowley and Kathie Dinga.



Strack's Fundraiser


JOHN W ANDERSON FOUNDATION: Pink Ribbon Society has received a $5,000 grant from the John W. Anderson Foundation. The funds have been earmarked to expand the PRS Patient Financial Assistance Program, which provides pre-paid gift cards that can be used for groceries, medication, childcare, transportation and many other services for those in treatment following a breast cancer diagnosis.

It is not uncommon for a patient in treatment to be unable to work, jeopardizing their household income. The prepaid gift cards help to offset some of the lost revenue.

With the presence of COVID and the loss of jobs and benefits, there has been an increase in requests for those needing financial assistance.

The importance of grants is significant as we move into 2022. They are valuable resources for organizations such as Pink Ribbon that allow us to achieve our goals and missions to help those in our community who reach out to us for support.

We’d like to extend our gratitude to the John W. Anderson for acknowledging our programs and services.

The Times – Pink Ribbon Society benefit for breast cancer awareness returns after one-year absence

The Times – September 27, 2021

HOBART — After a year’s absence, the Pink Ribbon Society’s annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon was back in business on Sunday.

Ann M. Peters, president and founder of the Pink Ribbon Society, wore a pink dress and a big smile as she welcomed some 400 attendees to the event held at the Avalon Manor Banquet Center.

“Hello, welcome back. We lost a whole year. I’m glad to be here and to see so many familiar faces and new faces. Thanks for your support,” Peters said.

The Pink Ribbon Society, founded in 2001, is an organization that helps promote breast cancer awareness.

The organization serves men and women in Lake, Porter and Newton counties whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

Peters said not being able to hold the luncheon, one of the group’s major fundraisers, last year put a serious dent on the organization’s bottom line.

“It was touch and go. We didn’t know if we would make it another year,” Peters said.

Peters said the organization was able to collect some $20,000 in funds from a fundraiser called SOS or Save Our Society while an additional $10,000 was received from Go Fund Me.

The majority of the donations received by the organization came from the community and businesses.

“We were allowed to keep our doors open. The community and the local businesses stepped up and took care of us,” Peters said.

Peters herself is a breast cancer survivor having discovered a lump in her breast in 1977 which was diagnosed as stage 2 metastatic breast cancer.

It was sometime after her recovery that Peters came up with the idea for the Pink Ribbon Society.

“I had to do something, just paying my dues,” Peters said.

Maura Rowley, who served as the event’s master of ceremonies, thanked those who came to the luncheon which featured pink-colored table decorations and many attendees dressed in pink.

“This is our 20th anniversary. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the community. Without your support we wouldn’t be able to do so,” Rowley said.

Rowley said all funds raised stay in Lake, Porter and Newton counties.

To date $650,000 has been raised by the non-profit organization.

Tom Schager, general manager for the Times Media Company, praised the work of Peters and her “energy and passion” that brought everyone to the luncheon.

“We will do everything we can to bring awareness and to lend our support,” Schager said.

New at this year’s luncheon was the presentation of the Dorothy Marie Gillespie Humanitarian Award.

Gillespie, who died of COVID-19 in December, was remembered for her civic mindedness that kept her engaged in many breast cancer-related projects.

Her own lumpectomy and treatment in 1987 became the catalyst to her involvement in the support of breast cancer patients.

Gillespie, a longtime nurse, served as an Open-Door support group coordinator for Y-Me National Breast Cancer through Munster Community Hospital from 1990 to 2012.

“Her generosity and passion is evident in all she did. Her life’s work aligned so closely with the Pink Ribbon Society,” said Janice Ryba, CEO at St. Mary Medical Center.

Gillespie’s family accepted the award on her behalf.

Also honored were the 12 cancer survivors who are featured in the Pink Ribbon Society 2022 calendar — each month featuring the honoree’s story.

The honorees are: Margaret Ann Clark, Ms. January; Mary Ann Hoogeveen, Ms. February; Becky Strotman, Ms. March; Sharon L. Bailey, Ms. April; Teresa Cruz, Ms. May; Megan Summers, Ms. June; Laura M. Myszak-Wolfe, Ms. July; Shatondria (Tonya) Anderson, Ms. August; Grace Hughes, Ms. September; Jeannette Jennings, Ms. October; Teresa Gesiakowski, Ms. November and Charlet Rosta, Ms. December.

In addition, 17 Celebrity Servers, prominent community leaders/volunteers who included: Larry Alt, Larry Alt & Associates, Vincent Balbo Police Chief Lake County Police Department, Dr. Bharat Barai Premier Oncology Hematology Associates, Greg Chip Southlake Nissan/Kia, Mark Dennie, Community Advocate, Nicholas Madvek Nisource, Tom Magurany Walgreens Winfield, Kurt Meyer Methodist Hospitals, Chris Pavlou Radius Restaurant, Paul Peters Community Advocate, Tom Pruzin Pruzin Brothers Funeral Service, Brent Rosenbower Community Advocate, Michael Rowley Community Advocate, Terrell Taylor Community Advocate, Dave Thomas Community Advocate, Andre Tyler Community Advocate and Ken Barnes McColly Real Estate.