Pink Ribbon Society Programs

Pink Ribbon Wig Reimbursement Program

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There is nothing more devastating for a woman to hear, following the diagnosis of breast cancer, than the fact she may or must endure chemotherapy to support her recovery. A part of this treatment may very well include the loss of her hair – her crown.

Since the inception of the Pink Ribbon Wig Reimbursement Program in 2007, Pink Ribbon Society has reimbursed over $ 150,000 (an estimated 1,000 wigs) to help underwrite the cost of wigs for those who lose their hair during treatment in hopes of helping them maintain their dignity and confidence.

It is difficult if not impossible to find an insurance carrier, including Medicare and Medicaid, who will pay for the cost of a wig. Most carriers consider a wig a cosmetic need!!! Pink Ribbon Society will underwrite the cost of a wig up to $150.00 per patient/per diagnosis.

Northshore Health Systems & United Health Systems – Mammogram / Ultrasound Program

Pink Ribbon Society continues to support Northshore Health Systems and United Health Systems in underwriting the cost of screening and diagnostic mammograms and ultrasounds for those who are uninsured, underinsured, or simply don’t have the means to pay for this life saving screening. We are a strong advocate for early detection and encourage women in our community to follow their doctors’ advice in receiving a mammogram base on family history, abnormalities and age.

To date, Pink Ribbon Society has underwritten mammograms and ultrasounds at a cost of approximately $ 270,000.00 for over 2,000 women. These tests have been proven to be life savers for many individuals in our community.

St. Mary Medical Center – Pink Pockets Program & Mammogram Program

Pink Ribbon is pleased to have recently partnered with St. Mary Medical Center to help underwrite the cost of their Pink Pockets and Mammogram Program.

After a Patient has a Mastectomy the surgeon will place a surgical drain to collect their lymph fluid and these drains are in place for up to 10 days. They can be very cumbersome and uncomfortable, and we often find patients sometimes using a safety pin or tape to hold them in place. Before they leave the hospital we would like to provide the patient with Pink Pockets Mastectomy drain pouches. These are peel-and- stick pockets that the drains can be tucked into comfortably and discretely. This will ease the distress and improve quality of life for our breast cancer survivors.

In many cases, people find themselves struggling to pay for their diagnostic work-up, (additional mammogram imaging and/or breast ultrasound). As healthcare co-payments, co-insurance payments and deductibles rise, more patients are choosing not follow up with their recommended breast imaging. These are the patients who do not qualify for IBCAT (Indiana Breast Cancer Awareness Trust) or BCCP (Breast Cervical Cancer Program) funding. Setting up a specific fund to help cover the costs for these women would be beneficial and increase the likelihood of needed follow-up exams, thus eliminating their financial barrier.

American Cancer Society (ACS)

Pink Ribbon Society has supported Breast Cancer programs of the American Cancer Society for many years, primarily their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walks in both Lake and Porter Counties.

These walks are a powerful and inspiring opportunity to unite as a community to honor breast cancer survivors, raise awareness about steps we can take to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer and help the American Cancer Society fight the disease with information regarding diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer as well as resource information for mammograms for those who need them.

To date, Pink Ribbon Society has contributed over $60,000.00 to support various ACS breast cancer programs and services.

Bundles Of Hope

bundles of hope

Bundles of Hope Program was launched in March of 2010. This program allows us to reach out to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients who are starting treatment at local oncology offices in our community.

Upon visiting their oncology office, the patient is presented with a beautiful pink fabric bag containing a fleece blanket from Pink Ribbon Society to help keep them stay warm. It’s not unusual for a patient to become chilled during treatment. The bags are reusable and allow the patient to carry reading material, snacks, water or any other items each time they arrive for treatment.

An addition, a beautiful heart shaped pillow is included. The pillows are hand made with love by the GFWC St. John Women’s Club. The ladies have to date, provided us with 200 hand sewn pillows to support breast cancer patients. The pillows are placed under the patient’s arms to provide comfort and pain relief.

A new item that we have started placing in the bags this year is our Coloring For Hope Coloring Book and coloring pencils. It has been proven that coloring can be a great stress reliever and can even increase healing. Our special thank you to the Crown Point Community Foundation for underwriting the cost of the project and nwiPrintPro in Crown Point for printing the books.

The Coloring For Hope coloring book and pencils are available for purchase through Pink Ribbon for just $ 6.00 (for both).

Indiana Women In Need (IWN) – Patient Services

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It is not unusual for those in treatment to suffer financial loss. Although Pink Ribbon Society cannot provide actual financial support, we have partnered with Indiana Women In Need to help women in Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton Counties who are in treatment for breast cancer by providing pre-paid vouches to help underwrite the cost of groceries, gas for transportation, childcare, landscaping, snow removal and more. IWIN offers various prepaid services to qualifying recipients following application for support.

To date, Pink Ribbon Society has donated over $85,000.00 to support the ladies in our community who need assistance following their diagnosis. For more information, contact Indiana Women in Need Foundation at

Pink Compression Sleeve Program

Following a mastectomy, patients can develop lymphedema. Lymphedema refers to swelling that can occurs in the patient’s arm following a mastectomy. This does not affect all mastectomy patients. In case of a double mastectomy, it could be both arms. This is brought on by the removal of lymph nodes that affect the lymphatic system in our bodies.

There are many different kinds of compression sleeves and most insurance plans do not cover the cost. Your doctor will determine which is best for you based on your individual needs. It is best to purchase your sleeve from a reputable fitter or a medical supply company who can do a fitting. He or she will take measurements of the arm, hand or other area to select the right sleeve for you, or order a custom garment.

All we need is an Rx from your doctor and a receipt showing you have paid for the item. Once we have this in hand, Pink Ribbon we will reimburse up to $75 for the patient’s first compression sleeve.

Pink Pockets Program

Pink Pockets

When a breast cancer patient leaves the hospital following a mastectomy, they are most often sent home with drains to catch the fluid from the surgical site. The drains may stay in for as many as 10 days.

Pink Pockets are an adhesive pocket that can be secured to the inside of a blouse, shirt or pajama top being worn by the patient. The pocket then holds the drain bottles in place so that they do not interfere with the patient’s normal activities. The bottles can be emptied when necessary and reattached to the drains for continued use.

Pink Pockets have been distributed to Community Hospital, St. Catherine’s Hospital and St. Mary’s Hospital to share with their patients.