Invitations for 20th Annual Survivors’ Celebration

Watch your mail. The invitations to the 20th Annual Breast Cancer Celebration will be out this week. Seating is limited this year to just under 400.

We will be practicing social distancing with our table set up being 5-6 feet apart with ONLY 8 guests to a table. AT THIS TIME, we will not make any exceptions to this arrangement. These are the requirements of our venue, the Avalon Manor.

We will have our Baskets Galore Raffle and are also welcoming a limited number of vendors. Again, we will practice social distancing during the day in these areas.

In order to keep crowding down in any one area, we have placed the vendors on the west side of the ballroom and the raffle on the east side. This should keep us from getting bunched up.

Per our venue, everyone is required to wear masks. These can be removed when seated. We are even requiring our Celebrity Servers to wear exclusive Pink Ribbon masks while serving….

This year, we will once again hand out wrist bands for the basket raffle . Your wrist band will have ONE OR ONE SET of numbers written on it. This is the number you will put on the back of the raffle tickets you buy before placing them in the raffle bags. Any clarification on how this works? Ask any Pink Ribbon committee person.

Please join us as we will once again be presenting our 2022 Calendar Honorees.

We look forward to seeing everyone this year. We hope you will consider joining us in a safe manner.

If you do not receive a newsletter and invitation to our event, please contact the offices and we’ll gladly send one to you.