Southlake Nissan/Kia Dealership donates to Pink Ribbon Society

During the month of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month), the Southlake Nissan/Kia dealership in Merrillville, owned by Greg and Christina Chip, held a fundraiser for Pink Ribbon Society.

This is the second consecutive year that the dealership has supported Pink Ribbon.  This year’s checked totaled $ 7,600, which represents a percentage of the sale of each car sold during the month of October.

The addition of this year’s contribution brings Southlake’s two year total to nearly $ 13,000.

Donations this year were especially important to Pink Ribbon because they have lost so much of their annual revenue due to COVID19. Pink Ribbon has to cancel their major fundraiser and have lost numerous donations and contributions because of the local economy.

southlake nissan check photo
Shown accepting the contribution from Southlake Nissan/Kia are left to right, Pink Ribbon Society representatives Rhonda McColly Fleener, Maura Rowley and Ann Peters.  Right to left are Southlake Nissan/Kia owners Tina and Greg Chip.
McColly Charities

McColly Charities Matching Funds

McColly Charities, a local organization that supports our not for profit community, has agreed to provide “Matching Funds” to any donations made to the Pink Ribbon Society between now and the end of this year.

Very simply, McColly Charities will match dollar for dollar every donation we receive between now and December 31, 2020. This is an awesome gesture on part of McColly Charities and is a major boost to the funds necessary to continue our programs and services going into 2021.

So, now is the perfect time for our supporters to step up and help Pink Ribbon as we continue our efforts to support the men and women in Lake, Porter, Jasper and Newton Counties whose lives have been touched by breast cancer.

For additional information, contact our offices at (219) 472-0704 or email us at

For more information about Pink Ribbon Society, log onto our website at

The Times – Pink Ribbon Society struggling

The Times – November 8, 2020

As the new year approaches, the Pink Ribbon Society is hoping for a miracle.

This summer, the nonprofit called on the community for help by sending out an SOS (save our society) call. Founder Ann Peters said the organization still has a long way to go.

“It’s really getting difficult, and without some kind of boost in our revenue, our concern is that we’ll have to close our doors, and we’re trying real, real hard not to do that,” Peters said.

Peters said everyone is struggling right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, noting organizations, including the Pink Ribbon Society, had to cancel annual fundraisers.

“COVID doesn’t cancel breast cancer. It continues to happen, and there are people who were diagnosed before the COVID hit. There have been people who have been diagnosed since the COVID,” said Peters, a 43-year breast cancer survivor.

“The COVID doesn’t stop cancer, and we don’t want the COVID to stop us, either.”

So far, the Society has raised some money through its SOS campaign, a checkout challenge at Strack & Van Til in October, a fundraiser with Southlake Nissan and online auctions, Peters said.

The Society also has received a grant from the Crown Point Community Foundation.

Despite the grant and fundraisers, the society still needs about two-thirds of its annual $150,000 operating budget.

“We’re just trying to find an angel who is willing to do a matching funds program with us,” Peters said.

For 19 years, the Pink Ribbon Society has helped men and women throughout Northwest Indiana who are affected by breast cancer.

Every year, the Pink Ribbon Society underwrites patient compression sleeves, as well as 250-300 mammograms and ultrasounds, totaling more than $50,000; donates $10,000 to help patients who lost their hair during treatment afford wigs; provides Bundles of Hope bags for patients arriving to their first treatment; and gives gift cards to patients in treatment and in need of financial help.

“We may have to distribute less per program, but we won’t stop distributing. We are here for a particular purpose, and we are going to continue to provide that,” Peters said.

Thus far, the Society has donated $650,000 to help breast cancer survivors and patients in the Northwest Indiana community, Peters said.

“I am so proud of what we’ve done,” Peters said. “It’s difficult to walk away from something like this, when it comes from the heart, when it’s a passion. We’ll just keep going.”

Currently, the Society is raising funds by selling copies of its 2021 breast cancer survivors’ calendar. Calendars are $10 each and feature survivors who have been featured in the past 20 years.

The nonprofit also has a GoFundMe.

“We’re not going to stop fundraising. We’re just going to keep it going,” Peters said.

Peters said people can call the Society at 219-472-0704, or visit the Society at 303 E. 89th Ave., Suite 100, Merrillville, to learn more about the programs it supports.

The Times – Pink Ribbon Society asking for community’s help to stay afloat

The Times – August 19, 2020

For the last 19 years, the Pink Ribbon Society has helped men and women affected by breast cancer.  Now, the nonprofit is seeking the community’s help. 

Recently, the Pink Ribbon Society sent out an SOS (Save Our Society) call after it had to cancel its only major fundraiser of the year, said Founder, Ann Peters.

“Everybody’s struggling right now. All the businesses and not-for-profits, maybe even more so than other businesses,” Peters said. “Because we depend 100% on donations, it’s been pretty rough for us.”

Peters said the nonprofit canceled its annual Breast Cancer Awareness Luncheon because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which put a “big hole” in the Society’s budget. 

“People are so disappointed that we’re not doing the tea this year, but … the safety of our supporters and our staff and our volunteers, that has to come first,” she said. “We are hoping to be able to pick up where we left off next year, so that we won’t have to cancel the tea again.” 

With its signature fundraiser off the calendar, Peters said the organization needs to “find other ways to keep our doors open.” 

To continue providing services to the community, the nonprofit started a GoFundMe and also will be a part of the checkout challenge at Strack & Van Til in October. 

“We’re very proud of what we’ve done in the community for 19 years now, and we’re just hoping that we’ve done well enough that people will want us to stay around, and they’ll continue to support us,” Peters said.  

A 43-year breast cancer survivor herself, Peters said she would be heartbroken to see the Society close its doors. 

Peters said the Society is going to continue its efforts, though it may have to reduce its contributions. On average, Peters said the organization disburses around $80,000 annually for its programs. 

Every year, the Pink Ribbon Society underwrites patient compression sleeves, as well as 250-300 mammograms and ultrasounds, totaling more than $50,000; donates $10,000 to help patients who lost their hair during treatment afford wigs; provides Bundles of Hope bags for patients arriving to their first treatment; and gives gift cards to patients in treatment and in need of financial help.

“We’re going to try to find a way to keep ourselves in the community, helping other people, even if we can’t do it at 100% of the capacity that we’ve done in the past,” Peters said. 

She later added: “It would break my heart to have to go away. … If we can’t do it, it won’t be because we haven’t tried. And we’ll give it everything we’ve got and hope that the community will be out there to support us.” 

For more information, visit or call them at 219-472-0704.

2020 Breast Cancer Survivors’ Calendar

Each year, we select 12 individuals who are represented on our Breast Cancer Survivors’ Calendar. Selections are made from nominations sent in by our community. You can nominate an individual (mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, friend, co-worker) you think would be a great role model for those more recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Honorees are recognized at the luncheon as warriors and survivors. The calendars are sold at the luncheon for $10 each or by calling our offices at 219 472 0704 after the luncheon.

The Times Media Company has underwritten the production and print cost of the calendars as a part of their ongoing media sponsorship for many years. Edda Taylor Photograhie from Crown Point has provided her expertise in photography to portray the honorees in their very best light.

Those above are our 2020 calendar honorees: Top left to right, Ms. October Dora Walker, Ms. June Robin Curtis, Ms. December Tina Pavlo, Ms. April Angela Hernandez, Ms. February Lori Equihua and Ms. March Constance Wilkins. Bottom row left to right are Ms. November, Jan Wasieleski, Ms. July Beverly Armenta, Ms. August Tracy Clark, Ms. May Nona Bandy, Ms. January Joanne Holiday and Ms. September Nancy Fleener.